Barton's Garden Patch

              In the spring of 2014, St. David’s Foundation, through their Health Angels program, built a raised bed community garden on the grounds of the senior center.   This garden was the first one built by St. David’s in Hays County. The object of the project was to improve the quality of life for seniors by encouraging them to socialize in the garden and raise healthy vegetables to share.

              Bob Barton’s Garden Patch began with 18 senior members and with the help of several Hays Master Gardeners who kept the garden going throughout the past 8 years. While the numbers have dwindled of those who want to work outdoors, we still have a small dedicated team who shares watering, weeding and harvesting.    

(Pictures of three varieties of okra and a few of the gardeners)





If the Hays CISD schools close due to bad weather, the center will also close.
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