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About the Center

The Center understands that loneliness and isolation is far too common among our seniors and that our weekly lunch provides them an opportunity to mingle, find support and enjoy a hot meal. Seniors participated over 11,000 times in activities at the center in 2014. Dance/exercise classes, cards/dominoes, arts/crafts and health maintenance programs are a few of the services we provide. Our senior volunteers donated over 5600 hours in 2014, which is yet another activity that keeps folks active. Our goal is to continue providing a safe and comfortable environment for seniors to gather.

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In 1983, a group of Buda area residents began making plans for founding a non-profit association that would benefit the community and older citizens in particular. After an organizational meeting on January 24, 1984, the new association elected its first board of directors: Bob Barton, Mary Giberson. Sandra Grizzle, Ralph Lancaster, Joe McCracken, Judy Ricketts, Gene Schwartz, Tom Spiller, and Betty Turner.

On March 10, 1984, by-laws were approved by vote of the membership and Onion Creek Senior Citizens, Inc., was established. In 1985, the board chose Sandra Grizzle as the first executive director, the post she still occupies today.

In the summer of 1986, Bob Barton deeded a partnership interest in land he owned at Barton Crossing and FM 2770 to the senior citizens, and traded adjoining land to the county, with the requirement that is be leased to Onion Creek Senior Citizens at $100 per year for 20 years. County officials then agreed to move a metal building from the old San Marcos Hospital grounds to the site in Buda. With the help of the county and the hard work of many members, who donated time and fund-raising efforts, and with the help and generosity of the community, the site was re-worked and building re-furbished so that the third annual membership meeting was held in the new center on March 14, 1987.

The senior citizens occupied the county building for a total of 26 years. Today that county building is home for several Hays County offices, as well as the Buda Lions.

With the help of our many generous members and grants from the Community Hospital Foundation, we opened the doors on February 14, 2013, to our 6000+ square foot senior center at 420 Barton Crossings.

Since we have been in our spacious center, we have been able to offer numerous activities for our members and provide once a week meals on Thursdays. All of this is made possible by our many member volunteers, financial support from the City of Buda and Hays County, grants from Burdine Johnson Foundation, Moody Foundation, St. David’s Foundation, PEC, fund-raising events, and community involvement.

Special thanks to all who have worked to make Onion Creek Senior Center a reality and have kept it a viable part of our Buda community.

"The Onion Creek Senior Center has been around since 1984 as a nonprofit organization catering to the needs of senior citizens of this area. With the elder population growing rapidly in this area, the need for a senior center is of the utmost importance to an aging community. We fully support the OCSC community and their growing members as well as the great need for the senior center."
- J.R. Gonzales, Former Managing Director, Buda Area Chamber of Commerce

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